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Swimming Pool & Spa Upgrade Services

South OC Pools can help install, repair, and upgrade your swimming pool or spa equipment!

Pool & Spa Upgrade Services

If your pool equipment breaks or you're tired of paying high electric bills, it may be time to for an upgrade. There lots of ways to improve your pool or spa.

  • The new pumps can save you up to $1500 per year!

  • If you want to enhance the look of your outdoor space, a simple upgrade to color LED lights can really show off your pool while use just a fraction of the energy to power the lights.

  • Pool & spa automation provides ease. You can control pool functions with your smart phone, tablet, or computer. Imagine changing the color of your pool lights with a touch of your phone. Most automation systems can be upgraded without removing the entire system. This is an affordable way to get the latest in pool technology.

  • The new pool heaters are more efficient. This means they burn less natural gas and save you money. 

No matter what type of equipment you have, your pool can be improved. If its time to upgrade your equipment, give us a call!

We will help you choose the right upgrades that lead to a lower electricity bill, a virtually silent pump, and much more. Pumps, heaters, motors, valves, LED lights, energy efficient equipment, salt systems, ozone water sanitizers...we do it all! We install things correctly, making it accessible for the pool owner and ease of future service and repair. At South OC Pools, your convenience is our priority. Contact us today!

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We have a variety of lighting systems that will enhance the aesthetics of your outdoor living space. Imagine illuminating your pool or spa during the holiday season or personalizing your poolscape with a pop of color. LED lights are available in a variety of colors and can make your backyard setting unique. If you need a lighting upgrade or repair, we can do it for you!

UV + Ozone Water Sanitizers

UV + Ozone Water Sanitizers are a great choice for pool owners looking to maintain a clean, healthy swimming environment. These systems are efficient, cost-effective, and don't require the use of any harsh chemicals. Our experienced technicians can install, service, and repair these systems to ensure your pool remains sanitized. UV + Ozone Water Sanitizers kill bacteria, viruses, and other microorganisms to keep your pool free of contaminants. With regular maintenance and repairs, you can trust that your swimming pool is safe and clean for your family and friends to enjoy.

Pool owners looking to become more energy efficient can invest in energy efficient pool equipment. A few of the most effective pieces of equipment are variable speed pool pumps, solar pool covers, and LED pool lights. Variable speed pumps use less energy than single speed pumps and can reduce energy costs by up to 90%. Solar pool covers help keep heat in the pool and reduce the need for supplemental heating. LED pool lights are more energy efficient than traditional pool lights, and they last longer too. Investing in energy efficient pool equipment can help you save money in the long run.

PH + ORP Controllers

Having a PH + ORP Controller in your pool is important for keeping the water safe and healthy. It helps to maintain the proper pH level and oxidation reduction potential (ORP) in your pool, which reduces the growth of bacteria and other pathogens. Our pool repair experts can install and maintain a PH + ORP Controller to help keep your pool water clean and safe. Our technicians can also perform regular maintenance and repairs to ensure your PH + ORP Controller is working properly. Let us help you get the most out of your pool with our professional PH + ORP Controller services.

Salt Systems

Salt systems are a great way to keep your pool clean and healthy. They use a generator to turn salt into chlorine, which is then circulated throughout the pool. This means you don't have to buy and store chlorine, and your pool will stay cleaner for longer. As an added benefit, salt water feels softer and more natural on your skin than chlorine. Our pool repair experts can help you install the perfect salt system for your pool, so you can enjoy the benefits with minimal effort.

Zinc Anodes / Corrosion Reducer

Corrosion Reducer is an important part of pool repair as it helps to prevent corrosion of the pool's metal parts. It is added to the pool water to neutralize the pH balance and reduce the amount of chlorine needed. This helps to prevent damage to the pool's surface, pipes, and other metal parts. Corrosion Reducer is available in liquid, granular, and tablet form, and should be added to the pool according to the manufacturer's instructions. It is important to regularly monitor the pool's pH levels to ensure that the Corrosion Reducer is working properly. Regular maintenance and use of Corrosion Reducer can help to extend the life of your pool.

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