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Automation Systems

Program Your Pool & Spa From Your Phone or Tablet

Pool & Spa Automation

Would you like to control your pool or spa from your smart phone? Most pre-existing pool controls can be upgraded and controlled by the device of your choice, allowing you to manage your system on-the-go. This is all easily accomplished by downloading an app on your phone or tablet or logging in from your computer. The automation system works with the wifi signal in your home.

We also provide remote control systems. This feature can be a simple upgrade in your current equipment or a new installation. Warming up the spa before you get home from a night out and even choosing the color of your LED lights will be fun and easy with the latest technology. Contact us to learn more. 

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Controlling your pool with a smart phone, tablet, or watch allows you to manage the water temperature, filtration, and other settings with ease. With smart automation, you can easily monitor and adjust your pool's settings away from home.

Remote control systems make pool maintenance a breeze! Whether you're at home or away, you can rest assured your pool is running smoothly and safely. Enjoy hassle-free pool maintenance remotely.

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